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A Ridge Line Fascia Replacement employee laughing and taunting at almost causing a serious accident with children in the car

Ridge Line Fascia Replacements Acting Dangerously – do you want them on your roof?

On the 30th May 2015 I was driving with my two children when we had a “run in” with this company. One of their employees was driving dangerously close behind me, swerving outwards and back in.

Unbeknown to them, I have a front dash cam fitted and when we stopped at the lights we caught them pulling this “stunt”:

I had to perform an emergency brake while hitting my horn. The hard braking resulted in one my children hurting themselves on a toy they were playing with.

Of course, we all come across dick heads on the road but it gets worse….When I caught up to them further down the road at lights, they chose to take it a step further by taunting and laughing at almost causing an accident, before then almost causing another two accidents:

Note in the video how he has to slam on and swerve – almost swerving into the side of my car – through not paying any attention to the road. He nevertheless then proceeded to drive as close as possible to the rear of my car before swerving again in an attempt to undertake me (and consequently nearly driving into the side of another car – funnily enough the same car that was in front of me in the first video). Its just a shame I don’t yet have a rear facing camera…

I decided to telephone the company to inform them of their drivers dangerous behaviour and that not only had he almost caused an accident but that one of my children had hurt himself from my having to emergency stop. I was informed by the receptionist that they would “chat to the lads” and when I mentioned that I would also be submitting the video to the police I was verbally assaulted – specifically “You’re being a dick”.

So, not only do their employee’s drive dangerously, the receptionist will also verbally assault you when you phone to complain about the dangerous actions of their employee’s. Imagine how they would react if you phoned to complain about their work!!

Regardless, I thought I would oblige this “company” and actually be “a dick”.

Dear Ridge Line Fascia Replacements.

Not only do I own a dash camera to film the crass and dangerous behaviour of your employees, I also happen to be a web developer for a large SEO company and unlucky for you, I had ten minutes spare this morning.

So for future reference, if your going to employ morons to drive vehicles with your company name splashed all over it, I would suggest that the website link on the side of your van matches your website otherwise some “dick” will buy the website that’s actually on the side of your van and use it for their own purposes.


For any potential customers – before you hire them, consider if you would want this man on the road, never mind on your property:


The Ridgeline dangerous driver


Ridgeline employees appears to be missing important tools, such as a cranium.


If their employee’s drive this dangerously, without caring about anyone else, ask yourself how are they going to behave on your roof?

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